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Does Medical Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Medical marijuana use is on the increase in the USA. A recent national average has estimated that over 3.5 million people now access some form of medicinal cannabis. 

We’ve come a long way since the days that marijuana was prohibited and illegal across the country. Did you know that medical marijuana can affect men and women differently in several ways? The purpose of this blog is to take a look at the different effects this natural drug can have on members of the opposite sex.

Sexual Health

In males, increased levels of THC can cause low levels of testosterone temporarily. This can have an effect on fertility, sexual performance, and libido. However, decreases in testosterone due to THC are only temporary and will increase back to normal levels when cannabis consumption ceases or if a break is taken in a treatment program.

In women, cannabis can increase arousal and stimulation while improving overall sexual health. Therefore it can be said that women generally have more positive sexual outcomes as a result of consuming cannabis.

Pain Relief

In 2016, a study revealed that when smoked, cannabis significantly decreased pain sensitivity in men. In female subjects, women were not affected quite as considerably.  This could mean that women need slightly higher doses to achieve the same level of pain reduction as men.

Increased Appetite

In the same study conducted by Washington State University, the research found that men are more sensitive than women to hunger cravings after consuming cannabis. Other studies have corroborated these findings. Therefore, once again, increased amounts may be needed to increase appetite in women.


Although with medical marijuana, doses are administered and controlled by a medical professional, slight withdrawal symptoms can occur after prolonged periods of cannabis use. According to research, women typically report more withdrawal symptoms such as decreased appetite, anxiety, and sleep issues. Men seemed to get off lighter with less male participants listing suffering from these withdrawal symptoms.

It’s important to consider how medical marijuana may affect you based on gender. It seems that females are less susceptible to pain relief and increased appetite compared to men. However, cannabis appears to act on women’s sexual health more favorably than in men. For more information on the different effects that medical marijuana can have on men and women, contact us today.

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Step 1: Get Registered

Create a profile in the PA state Medical Marijuana Registry. This includes basic personal data like your name, current address, and contact information. You must have a Pennsylvania driver’s license or state ID card. 

Step 2: Get Certified

Schedule a consultation with PA Medical Marijuana Doctor to meet with a PA state-approved physician who can certify that you suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions to participate in PA’s medical marijuana program.

Step 3: Get Your Patient ID

Once you’re certified by an approved physician, return to the Medical Marijuana Registry and finish filling out your application for a medical marijuana ID card. Once you receive your card, you can purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary.