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What Is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Medical cannabis is used to treat a variety of conditions. In general, medical cannabis users benefit from a greater sense of mental and physical relaxation, increased appetite, reduced pain, and improved sleep. At PA Medical Marijuana Doctor, we help patients throughout the process of applying for a medical marijuana card in Philadelphia, PA, and we’re your source for news and other information regarding medical cannabis. Let’s take a look at the different types of medical marijuana and investigate their distinct benefits.

There are two main strains of medicinal cannabis plants, each offering a different range of benefits. Understanding the difference between these two varieties is essential when procuring the most effective marijuana for medical patients.

The two main types of cannabis plants are Sativa and Indica. Each strain has a unique range of effects on the mind and body, resulting in a variety of different medical benefits. Sativa strains provide users with a more energized experience. Indica strains provide more of a sense of deep body relaxation in general.

Below is a brief overview of each strain and the beneficial qualities that they provide:

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis Indica plants are short, wide-leaved, bushy plants. They grow quickly and have a higher yield than the Sativa variety. Medicine that is produced from cannabis Indica plants can be lower in THC and higher in CBD than the Sativa strain.

The beneficial qualities of Indica medicinal marijuana include muscle relaxation, decreased nausea, decreased acute pain, increased muscle relaxation, and increased appetite. Indica is also known to help increase dopamine, the neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. Cannabis Indica is generally recommended for nighttime use with medical cannabis patients.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa plants typically grow tall and thin and have narrow leaves. Sativa plants are generally lighter in color than Indica strains and take longer to mature, requiring more light. Medical marijuana derived from Sativa strains is naturally higher in THC counts and lower in CBD.

The beneficial qualities associated with medicinal Sativa strains include increased focus and creativity, anti-depressant qualities, relief from anxiety, and the ability to treat chronic pain. Sativa helps to increase levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of sleep, mood, learning, appetite, and anxiety. Cannabis Sativa is recommended for daytime use in medical cannabis patients.

For additional information regarding medical cannabis, and to inquire about the process for applying for a MMJ card in Philadelphia, PA, contact us today.

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Step 1: Get Registered

Create a profile in the PA state Medical Marijuana Registry. This includes basic personal data like your name, current address, and contact information. You must have a Pennsylvania driver’s license or state ID card. 

Step 2: Get Certified

Schedule a consultation with PA Medical Marijuana Doctor to meet with a PA state-approved physician who can certify that you suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions to participate in PA’s medical marijuana program.

Step 3: Get Your Patient ID

Once you’re certified by an approved physician, return to the Medical Marijuana Registry and finish filling out your application for a medical marijuana ID card. Once you receive your card, you can purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary.